About Flight Nr. MH370

The sudden disappearance of a whole Boing 777 on its flight MH370 from Malaysia to China at fair-weather just a short time after departure needs to remain enigmatic in spite of the youngest declarations of affiliates of the US government. Even though if civil radar would have been switched off premediatively the airplane would still have continued to be locatable by military radar. The case can thus not be compared with the Air France machine which has disappeared in 2009 outside of the reach of any radar station (though even that airplane was found later on). The argument that the power trains would have continued to send signals for hours after the incident is denied vehemently by Malaysian authorities and Rolls-Roys, the producer of the engines. Perhaps the argument had just been thought as an excuse that the intense and international search endeavour has not yielded any result yet. The incident remains unique in its fashion. The fact that a whole aircraft simply disappears from one point in time to the other at fair weather without any assumable cause like bad weather, a vulcanic erruption in the proximity, a solar storm, a hijacking or whatever reason there may be, all of it not far away from settled areas can not be compared with any other incident. That was so unusual that the Malaysian airlines at first thought about the plain not having departed at all. However there was no forgotten Boing 777 on the airfield.

Now we should not conclude anything prematurely but the question needs to be posed whether an object as big as a whole airplane can simply disappear. Up to now every airplane has been found at last as obscure as the circumstances may have been. If this should not happen to be the case here we will have to take every possible cause into consideration. If the next month should not yield any result we will have to think about other possible explanations; even the influence of extraterrestric intelligence. That may not be as absurd as you may think. If a foreign civilisation succeds to make its way up to us then it needs to be far more technically advanced than we are. What if the aliens could bend the time-space continuum? However even physically much more simple explanations would suffice. Fyling objects of an extraterrestric civilization would most likely be invisible to our radar and could well targetedly influence our board electronics. But where is the whole aircraft gone? We do not know. Why would ETs not like to be seen by us? Now there may be plenty of reason for it. If we are hopelessly inferior to them we may not be interesting as partners but as objects of study that better need not be disturbed; i.e. they simply may be interested in us. A scientist who just studies or someone who films animals tries to remain unrecognized or without major influence; except when seeking contact with other humans. If things were like this then everything would be possible even a friendly contact and a return of all passangers. However it is also possible that aliens whom we would have come to attention did not judge about us yet (If they would at all judge or condemn in the fashion humans do.) but are spying on us mindfully. We may assume that their possibilities would even go beyond those of the NSA or that they would make use of their existing data. "Seeing without being seen" that is not only the logic between carnivore and the hunted, the logic of the military or intelligence services.

Nonetheless today is not everydays evening and the search for the Boing 777 a very reliable and well approved airplane has not ended yet. The circumstances of a sudden disappearance without any further evidence is not just something suggestive that has made people think from the first few hours of its disappearance on.