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Chevron has finally won the Public Eye Lifetime award !

Public Eye Lifetime Award 2014

Vote for the worst behaving company. Take part in the poll for the Public Eye Lifetime Award, 2014.

Six companies can be voted: Goldman Sachs, Glencore, Chevron, Walmart, Gazprom and Dow Chemical.

Among our favourites are Chevron for spilling 17 million gallons of crude oil, 64 billion liters of toxic waste and flaring gas in the Amazon rainforest polluting huge areas and having caused many people to die of cancer and having brought some indigenous tribes close to extinction. The company strictly refuses trying to do something to remedy the harm (see also: TTIP & Investor State Dispute Resolutions.).

Goldman Sachs may be voted for its role in the Euro Crises having first obscured Greece`s public deficit by accounting tricks before the launch of the Euro and then profited a lot from it by betting against Greek government bonds; its active role in the crises has helped to make the rich richer while sending Millions of people into poverty.

our comment about the polls


Dear Support Team of the Public Eye Award 2014,

I welcome your poll as it helps to uncover unfair, criminal and inhuman business practices. Nonetheless I am somewhat appalled about your decision to undisclose so called 'death tolls' for some of these companys. Who can really say how man people would have died in deed because of a certain business practice? Isn`t it an ethical principle not to count and counterbalance numbers of dead people?

Yours Sincerely,
Elmar Stellnberger