Correspondence with the Jehovah's Witnesses

November 2020, 2022

I hereby publish my correspondence with the Jehovah's Witnesses, who wrote to me in November 2020 bacause of my homepage. My own letters are given here in full, those from Jehovah's Witnesses only by excerpts where this is necessary for understanding, because up to now I have not received permission from my communication partner to publish his letters. It is also about meeting a woman from Jehovah's Witnesses in March 2022.

“… In November 2020, Jehovah’s Witnesses are taking part in a worldwide campaign to deliver a special issuance of The Watchtower magazine to government officials, business and healthcare professionals, both local and national. … what the Kingdom of God actually is and what effects it will have. … the kingdom of God is very near … ”

Dear Mr. M.P.

It will be our governance and not the kingdom of a Christian God. I am convinced of that. If religions that spread lies have to be abolished, then Christianity would be one of the first to follow suit. How is it possible in the kingdom of God that people can live forever and still have children? Personally, I don't feel about death here as so negative if I should have completed my mission. After that, a life as spirit beings awaits us and we can still influence the fate of this world without the daily worries that may plague us here. If you are interested in what I think about life after death, you are cordially invited to read There is just so much a lie in the Bible. However I don't want to comment on that at the moment. We as humans can do everything here so that we can have a better life. It may not be possible with the current balance of power, but if people want it, there will be a corresponding change. The outcome of the presidential elections in the USA also shows us that people want change and that they care about our environment and social issues. Once excessive meat consumption is curtailed and environmental toxins become reduced, a healthier life awaits us (this refers to their magazine). But I totally agree with you on one point: there will be change, and in the near future!

Best Regards,
Elmar Stellnberger

It is probably not difficult to imagine what Mr. M.P. has answered to me. If I still had the letter, I would be more specific about what was there inside. Never mind; here is my answer:

Dear Mr. M.P.

If you look at the creation myth of the Bible, on closer investigation it comes out to actually be a lie. Today, of course, we know that it was not like this; we know the theory of evolution. In the past, however, people couldn't know that. The creation story then serves to argue a fundamental difference between humans and animals that does not exist in this way. Animals would have no soul. I have to disagree. The Amazonian Indians believe that even the pineapple has a pineapple spirit. I will not refer to the same reference again now. Apparently that alone wouldn't be so bad. Nonetheless the official church believes that the Bible shouldn't be taken literally. To my mind even worse in this respect are the trumpets of Jericho. No one who is in their right mind can believe something like that. The story is extremely intrusive and dripping to me; I really don't like to read that.

The good Christians always argue, the Bible teaches us to share. However, the opposite can be observed with recently proselytized Indigenous People from the Amazon: They stop to share. No wonder, since the Bible says that whoever gives something to others can actually keep it, since God will then give it back to him. Everyone knows that this is essentially not the case, and with such expectations one will even be more prone to stop sharing. Self-righteousness and also other things that the Bible stirs up are of course part of it, including possessiveness. The Bible is not a work of the Good: The Bible is a very cryptic text. However, the Good does not need to disguise its intentions or convey its content using obvious or less obvious lies. Those who are good and honest people speak their minds outright, except perhaps to the ultimate evil. People will only agree and be on their side. We know that's just not what the Bible does. I'm not an intrinsic Bible scholar, but the little I know and have read about it makes it very clear to me that it's a text of evil. From my last letter you didn't mention how it should be possible to live forever in a limited world and still have children. That can't be true. Then how can it be that the other promises of the kingdom of God would ever hold?

I'm less concerned with how what the Bible says is correct in detail, but more with what it ultimately aims to achieve. Almost all evangelical Christians in the USA were on Donald Trump's side. What does the Bible text want to achieve with its preaching on people´s attitudes? It will not tell you that openly. You can assume, once you have internalized this text, that you are infected with it in one way or another way. The climate change deniers – I don't want to discuss the ethical component here at all – like to argue with their religious freedom of belief. But please don't tell me that none of this comes from the Bible. A religion in which a god rules over people makes people forget nature and their own heritage, or even estimate them as inferior or secondary. But that doesn't do any good in the end. Unfortunately I can't give you an exhaustive list of all that the Bible implements in the people. After 1000 years or almost 2000 years of Bible dominance over human thinking, we should almost be living in paradise. In any case, it should have gotten better and better. I would have to agree with you when you tell me that the Bible cannot be a simple profane book of human origin. Believe me, I have thought about it too. As far as that is concerned, I agree with Erich von Däniken. He's right, I believe. Anyway, as far as I can verify, everything he says is true.

Erich von Däniken says that the religions were invented by extraterrestrials who want to keep people small and rule over them, impose their own ideas on them, which I think are very negative. I have something about UFO sightings and recordings on my homepage in the RSS-viewer, which links to reputable, I mean really reputable, newspapers. So one should not brush aside their existence and the fact they are here as easily as one would like to do, even if this appears to be a very uncomfortable truth. I personally find it very unfortunate that Erich von Däniken describes himself as a believing Christian and does not want to see that the machinations of the extraterrestrials are not purely good. It doesn't matter whether you want to believe in something like extraterrestrials or not, for me the Bible is a work of Evil, also and precisely because that is simply not so easy to see for someone who has already internalized it. Well, I'll have to call it a day soon. On the other side, what you have said isn't that stupid. Perhaps a kind of revolution would really be needed, by which of course the right people would have to come to power. However at the moment I'd rather see what's coming. And I certainly don't want to be ruled by non-humans. That way it can also get likely worse rather than better. Once here, we also need to give people who announce something credibly, or let's say talk about it, their chance because none of us knows the future. A change of power doesn't have to be violent, I just mean a change in its balance and modus operandi.

Sincere and kind regards,
Elmar Stellnberger

I cordially tried to motivate him for an answer and did even give him a phone call, but there was no further correspondence, although I had made him to promise a reply.

Two weeks ago on Sunday (2022-03-13) I had been on a walk in the forest and met a woman, who outed herself as a Jehova´s Witness (once again!). In essence she told me that we now just need World War III, because afterwards God´s kingdom is going to come. All of it would be written in the prophecy, also China´s entry into war. I did not comment it any way but I gave her my telephone number so that I could send her a link to my website when I was at home again. As she then said she appeared to be very inspired by it.

In deed, it would almost have really come like this. It must have been the 17th of March as the coverage on the war in the Ukraine went on. They showed a theater which should have been full of children when it was bombed by the Russians. They filmed the big letter of the Ukrainian word for children on the ground. Instantaneously I did ask myself why these children were not with their parents and why they would have been locked in a theater as well visible target for the Russians. The thing did not seem all right. The coverage went on and it was reported that on the same day Selensky spoke before the German parliament demanding again a no-fly zone over the Ukraine which would have meant the entrance of the Nato into the war. However the Germans have already lived through two world wars and they are not as easy to trick into war. On the next day the main evening news showed again a protest with many empty child carriages in Lviv. Only at the live ticker in the web at it could be read 'Mariupol: Apparently no dead person at the attack on theater' (

On the day before, precisely the day of the attack against the theater and the 'wooing' speech of Selensky, I had posted a comment on Facebook speaking for negotiations with Russia. The live ticker did only report very nebulously about negotiations on the next and the following days. At the next day at noon, the day right after my posting, I did receive fully surprised a very poisonous phone call by the women from the Jehovah´s Witnesses that I had met in the forest. It forces me to believe that my speaking against war did go against the wishful thinking of the J.W.. If the three riders of the apocalypse which are war, hunger and epidemics would not appear as the prophecy says, then it would make the creation of God´s kingdom impossible for the near future. She did also not take it very seriously with truth when speaking to me.

Finally the state of negotiations between Selensky and Putin trickled through. According to that Selensky is still not ready to accept a loss of territory. This does evidently also include the rebel areas in the east, speaking Russian by majority who had voted to stay with Russia after the annexation. Before war broke out Selensky had reportedly demanded to conquer these areas back. That shows me how unnecessary the war in deed is. I do also remember how incited people already were when I did my Facebook posting. You don´t need to speak for agression war but to deny Russia any degree of legitimacy does not serve for a peaceful coexistence. The Ukraine has always been presented as a victim of an aggression war which could have done absolutely nothing to prevent it. I am of the opinion that it would have been necessary to negotiate seriously before which does however also include the willingness for possibly unpleasant concessions. The mounted denial of legitimacy against Putin´s Russia went as far that it would not have been necessary to report about any ongoing negotiations at all. It was argued before that Putin would never be ready to negotiate seriously any way. However I am of the opinion that the Russian offer to give neutrality to the Ukraine with an added militarical assistance guarantee by Western states would have been all the Ukrainian folk needs. There would have been no objection to a Western alignment and for joining the European Union.

Finally let me say a few words about God´s Kingdom as the Jehova´s Witnesses are longing for. As I understand it, it would come out to an incapacitation of the human race. Jehova´s Witnesses will tell you openly that people shall not be governed by people. They do really appear to believe in human nature as inapt, as bad through and through and as worth to fight against. God needs to rule directly by God´s kingdom. A suppression of the human race and a step that is civilizingly backwards, as far as I need to believe of what I have heard. Nonetheless it will depend on us how our future world will look like. A new world war would to my mind bring even more destruction than the preceding ones. It was already like this with WW I and WW II. It is about our intellect and our heart not to allow this. Depreciating the humans just because their government and society aren´t ideal, is not what seems all right for me. The booklet of Jehova´s Witnesses lists a couple of benedictions about God´s kingdom. However as argued before I would not believe in that. I believe it would not be as savoury as touted.